Churchill in North America, 1929


“extensive original research” and “well-written,” Finest Hour (Spring 2015)

“an exemplary job,” Churchill Project (June 24, 2015)

Winston Churchill took a three-month vacation to North America in the summer and fall of 1929, a little known event in his long career. In the company of his son Randolph, his brother Jack and his nephew Johnny, he toured Canada and the United States. Notable are Churchill’s meetings with political, business, newspaper and entertainment figures (President Hoover, Prime Minister Mackenzie King, Bernard Baruch, William Randolph Hearst, Marion Davies and Charlie Chaplin) as well as his visits to such landmarks as the Grand Canyon, Lake Louise, Niagara Falls and Yosemite.

The Churchills also visited a lumber camp, slaughterhouse and steel factory, went fishing on the Pacific Ocean and inspected the battlefields in Quebec and Virginia. They evaded Prohibition and gambled on the stock market (about to crash). It was on this trip that Churchill gained an understanding of the two countries firsthand and deepened his feelings for Canada and the United States.

Churchill in North America, 1929 by Bradley P. Tolppanen is a comprehensive survey of this tour, which was Churchill’s longest visit to the U.S. and Canada. Published by McFarland, the book uses contemporary newspaper articles and archival documents, including Churchill’s letters and writings, to tell the story of Churchill’s tour. An excerpt of the book may be read here and the book may be purchased here.


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